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Gring and Woodin's Environmental Doomsday Clock

Gring and Woodin's Comic

Blue Planet Prize Fun School

Gring and Woodin are working to protect the Earth’s environment.
They decided to visit laureates of the Blue Planet Prize to ask what they could do to maintain the Earth in a healthy state.
Let’s think together at the Blue Planet Prize Fun School!

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Gring and Woodin's Grand Project for Saving the Futures

A blue light appears in the room where Gring and Woodin are sleeping.
A fairy manifests itself from the light and asks Gring and Woodin for their help
to improve the Earth’s environment.
They head off with the fairy.
Following Adventures in Water Kingdom,
a new adventure of Gring and Woodin begins.

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Gring and Woodin's Adventure in Water Kingdom

Gring and Woodin are very good friends.
One day, while they are playing in a stream,
something comes flowing down.
Gring and Woodin’s environmental adventures begin.
By reading the comics of Gring and Woodin’s Adventures in Water Kingdom, you can learn about the environmental issues that our planet is facing.

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